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In the world of investing, finding any “edge” can be challenging. At Bancreek Capital Advisors, we feel our investing edge is derived from how we utilize big data. We also believe in making this more accessible to all investors through our actively managed ETFs and interactive data tools. To learn more about Bancreek click on the link below.

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Uncovering the Path to Capital Growth: Bancreek's Journey

The guiding question that planted the seeds that over time grew into Bancreek Capital Advisors (“Bancreek”) was: How does one employ a systematic process that seeks to identify the best prospective compounders of capital in public markets? Business schools across the world will tell you the answer to this is what’s called “deep fundamental analysis.” And so, Bancreek Founder and CEO Andrew Skatoff diligently cut his teeth on deep fundamental analysis for over a decade, one company at a time. But as time passed, something interesting happened. It became clear that there were similarities across disparate companies that appeared to give these companies structural advantages (a.k.a., “edge”) in their markets. It was time to revisit the accepted answer to the guiding question.

Yes, we still believe that deep fundamental analysis is critical in developing an understanding of what makes companies compound. But there may be more to this story than we were initially taught. By leveraging concepts borrowed from information theory, Bancreek systematized our process used to identify and invest in companies with what we believe are structural advantages, and in December 2023, used this quantitative process to launch its first ETF product offering. This could have been where we put our pencils down. But Bancreek’s mission is to make edge accessible to all investors, not just investors who choose to invest with us. To that end, we launched Bancreek.com as a repository for interactive visualizations, research reports, and other media to help our readers bring complex economic and investing data to life.

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Data-driven investing and insights

Bancreek strives to extract as much insight as possible from data. However, our use of data is very intentional and focused. Data serves as the foundation of our investment process, which has been enriched by the lessons learned from traditional fundamental analysis. Data forms the core of our visualizations, yet it can only provide insight when it is organized and displayed in a way that effectively communicates the narrative the data seeks to convey. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on creating visualization tools investors find both intuitive and useful.

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